Personal project



Feed me with love/hate


Feed: “To give food to a person, group, animal” or “a stream of content that you can scroll through”…

What do you choose to feed yourself with love or hate from social media?

We find two kinds of people:

“The lover”: A person who searches the Internet for things that they like, comments on them positively and praises people for posting things that “the lover” likes.

And his opposite.

“The hater”: A person who posts or makes inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking others into displaying emotional responses or manipulating others’ perception.

Which one are you?

The lover

The hater

Making of

Directed by

Creative and Art Director

Dalmiro Buigues

Animation Director

Martin Dasnoy

Executive Producer

Ignacio Godoy

Character Design

Fernando Carmona


Agustín Páez


Agustín Páez, Dalmiro Buigues

Rig and Animation

Martin Dasnoy

Lighting and Composition

Dalmiro Buigues

FX Simualtion

Dalmiro Buigues, Martin Dasnoy

FX Help

Daniel Rivas

Sound Design

Facundo Capece