Personal project



Seven Animal Sins

Have you ever read that animals can’t sin? But wait…aren’t we animals too?

That simple question sparked this sick animation where we wanted to show that animals can actually sin through the 7 deadly sins.

At first, we were gonna keep it to just 7 different loops under the same concept, but we vibed with it so much that we decided to use our brains to create a super catchy song that brings them all together.

Plus, we had a blast getting creative with giving them different looks, like classic frame by frame, 2D and classic 3D, 3D stop motion and why not have some in mixed style.

Making of

Created and Directed by

Creative Director

Dalmiro Buigues

Art Direction

Fernando Carmona, Dalmiro Buigues

Animation Director

Martin Dasnoy

Executive Producer

Ignacio Godoy

Character Design / Clean Up

Fernando Carmona

Animatics, Rig, 2D & 3D Animations

Martin Dasnoy

Modeling, Texturing

Nico Buzeki, Agustin Paez, Dalmiro Buigues


Nico Buzeki, Dalmiro Buigues

Extra animations Compositions

Dalmiro Buigues

“Pride”: 2D Animation Clean up and composition

Pablo Cuello

Music & sound design



Han Kerkhof & Max Gramser

Guitars / Ukelele

Floris Bosma


Han Kerkhof

Conceptual lyricist

Dalmiro Buigues

Songwriter / lyricist

Teun Beurskens

Sound design