Personal project



The process Reel 2024

When you’re hungry for something and can’t find what you seek, it’s time to take a leap and try something new. Enjoy this bite of our new Reel.

Creating an intro reel that’s a standalone short film has become a classic style.

This time, we wanted to craft a cinematic piece with a simple, yet captivating storyline. It’s all based on a fundamental premise: if you want fresh results, you’ve got to embrace new ways.

This simple idea embodies the very core of our studio’s philosophy. We’re always eager to explore novel methods of storytelling, creativity, design and animation. We’re a bit like this little fox, ever yearning for something new.

From a technical perspective, we took the plunge with characters adorned in lush fur, engaging in high-octane action sequences in full-frame shots and enriched the experience with an exciting blend of 2D and 3D elements.

We hope this combination is a delectable treat for your senses.

Directed by

Creative and Art director

Dalmiro Buigues

Animation Director

Martín Dasnoy

Executive Producer

Ignacio Godoy


Martín Dasnoy, Dalmiro Buigues

Character and Background Design

Fernando Carmona

Character Modeling

Agustín Páez, Martin Dasnoy

Background Modeling

Agustín Páez


Agustín Páez, Dalmiro Buigues

Lookdev, Shaders, Lighting

Agustín Páez, Dalmiro Buigues


Sebastian Gutnisky


Dalmiro Buigues


Dalmiro Buigues

Intro Music

Four Billion Years (The Soloist movie) – Dario Marianelli

Music Reel

HyperJump – @tonileys

Final audio mix