The founders worked for brands such as:

Nike, Google, MySpace, The Guardian, Adiddas, MTV, Fox, Target, Cartoon Network, Sony, Xbox, Universal Studio, TNT, Cartoon Network, Warner Channel, Isat, Space, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, AXN, Disney.


We love to tell stories

We cover everything from the creation of an idea,direction to the end product. With strong focus in the details, the design, the texture, even the subtle movement on an eye blink.


We make motion and character design,

And work hard to produce unique animation, always looking for now design and animation challenges!




His way of seeing the world is through details, colors, textures and programming codes. Through design he managed to unite all this in a profession that allowed him to enter completely into the visual world.



Since he understood that he could make any object or character express feelings just by finding the exact way to bring it to life, he did not rest until he managed to turn his passion into his profession